Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling.

Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling.

Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling.

Psychotherapy & Couples Counseling.

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Meet Annie Wright


Welcome. I’m Annie Wright.

I’m a psychotherapist deeply committed to supporting the well-being of individuals, couples, and families from the Bay Area and beyond.

From my offices in Berkeley, I work with my clients from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond to improve their relationships, find fulfilling life paths, and create more ease and joy in their everyday.

It’s an honor and a privilege to do this work: to help my clients feel more alive, more whole, and more empowered with the awareness and tools they require to navigate their unique journey and to craft the life they envision for themselves.

I’m so glad you’re here. I look forward to being of support to you.

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Let’s Work Together



From my lovely offices in Berkeley, I provide in-person therapy, couples counseling, and career coaching to individuals, couples, and families. Read on to learn more and to schedule a session with me.


Nationally, I offer boutique workshops on topics like navigating life’s tough times, creating fulfilling relationships, healing from your past, and more. Find out when and what I’ll be teaching next.


For those outside the Bay Area with interest in working with me, I offer online coaching and consulting services. Explore to see how I can be of support to you, no matter where you live.


If you – like me – love nothing more than a good book or self-study course, I invite you to peruse my library of product offerings to see what might be of support to you at this time.

Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is therapy?

Put simply, therapy – also called psychotherapy or counseling – is the process of meeting with a trained and credentialed professional on a weekly, ongoing basis to help you recognize and change deep-rooted and potentially self-sabotaging mental and emotional behaviors, thoughts, and patterns that are keeping you feeling stuck, in pain, and away from the life you want to live.

Who do you work with?

I work with individuals, couples, and families of all different identities and ethnicities from all over the world. While their professions, ages, sexual orientations, family backgrounds and lifestyles vary, all of my clients share a common characteristic: they are people in pain and are now willing to invest in themselves and in therapy in order to create something different for themselves in their lives.

How do I select a therapist?

Choosing a therapist is a very personal decision. Therapy is only as effective as the relationship between therapist and client. The best way to determine if a psychotherapist is right for you is to meet with her or him for one session. The most important question you should be asking yourself during that first session is can I see myself feeling safe and comfortable with this person?

From the Blog


Your dreams have messages for you. But do you know how to unlock them?

“A dream which is not interpreted is like a letter which is not read.” – The Talmud
As a psychotherapist, I personally believe that dreams are portals and entryways to our psyches and that some of the richest, most valuable information we need about situations in our waking lives can be found by exploring the content of our dreams.
Bottom line: dreams are *always* trying to tell us something if only we can unlock their messages…

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I’m Delighted to Join the Board of The Sophia Institute.

I’m delighted to announce that I’ve joined the board of The Sophia Institute in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Sophia Institute is an international center of learning that provides innovative programming from world renowned teachers and leaders in service of creating a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world for all.

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My twice-a-month column, Sunday Comfort, is like having a therapist in your inbox.

Together, we’ll explore issues like how to improve your relationships, how to find and create a fulfilling career path, and how to create more joy and ease in your everyday. Plus, I’ll also share hand-picked resources that I only recommend to my clients.

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