As you may recall from my letter to you a few weeks ago, as part of my maternity leave plan, I’m taking some time off from writing original articles every two weeks and spending that time with my new daughter and adjusting to the biggest life change I’ve likely ever had.

But, still, my connection with you feels important to me so I wanted to be sure to keep emailing you something while I’m gone on maternity leave until mid-February.

Now, the great thing about having blogged every two weeks consistently since March 2015 is that I have a wonderful library of old posts and articles – some of which you probably haven’t seen depending on when you joined my mailing list.

I’ve handpicked some of my favorites and will be sending those to you over the coming weeks and months, letters from the archives if you will, with some fresh thoughts and insights attached to each letter.

And today I start that process with one of my first posts, one that touches on something so integral to my work as a therapist that I never get tired of talking about it: the value of feeling ALL of your feelings and appropriately expressing them in order to live a more enlivened life.

I hope you enjoy this letter from the archive.

Warmly, Annie

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