Dispelling The Myth of Child Abuse.

Dispelling The Myth of Child Abuse.

Often in my work as a therapist I hear questions and statements like: “Well, he never hit me. He would just lock me up in my room when I was misbehaving and then not talk to me for a few days. So that’s not abuse is it? That’s just Dad.” Or  “My mom was never abusive!...

Mother’s Day may not feel easy for you. And you definitely aren’t alone.

Mother’s Day may not feel easy for you. And you definitely aren’t alone.

Mother’s Day can often be a triggering, painful and complex day for many of us for many reasons: painful or no relationships with our mother, death and loss of our mothers or our children, or grief around our role as mother ourselves. In this post, I want to share my suggestions and a list of hand-picked resources about how to “celebrate” (or tolerate) the day if this is the case for you.

Notes On Life With Depression.

Notes On Life With Depression.

Sometimes when we’re going through depression, we don’t need more prescriptive advice. We know the action steps we need to take and still sometimes that can feel insufficient. Maybe, what we need, too, is to read the words of someone who gets it. Words that can make us feel seen, supported, and less alone in our journey through depression. Hopefully this post will be that for you.

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