Why Online Video Counseling?



In an ideal world, you would live in the same city as my office and things like work travel, catching the common cold, and having other roadblocks that keep you from coming into my office wouldn’t exist.

But we don’t live in an ideal world where everything always goes according to plan, and because of that, I’m proud and grateful to be able to offer online video counseling for my clients for those times when you’re traveling, or you’re too sick to leave your house but not to cancel your session, or, and this is a big one, if you live somewhere else besides the Bay Area.

I offer online video counseling to provide flexible options for my clients’ ever-changing modern lives and because I want to be able to work with anyone residing in the State of California who may not be able to make it into my office.

How Does Online Video Counseling Work?



It’s easy! You simply reach out to me by text, phone, or email and I will get you all booked.

As part of your intake paperwork, you’ll receive instructions about the online video counseling platform I use and what to do before your first video session with me.

An online video counseling session lasts 50 minutes, just like a standard therapy session, and you’ll be able to see and hear and experience me like you’re on a high-quality Skype call.

You’ll meet regularly with me on the day and time we decide on and, together, we both will work at helping you move closer to the life you want to live.

If you have more questions about online video counseling, I encourage you to check out my FAQ page where I list some common questions and answers about online video counseling.

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